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Since 1996, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply has provided quality products and services to the local agricultural industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff partner with you to select the best product lines to maximize animal care, operating efficiency, and return on investment.


ANIMAL HEALTH: Herd health is crucial in every operation, big or small. Find your hoof health, bio security, veterinary and surgical supplies here.

BARN SUPPLIES: You can find shovels, pest control, buckets, scoops, scales and more.

CLOTHING AND FOOTWEAR: Footwear, coveralls, rain gear and more, we offer all of your barn-wear in this section.

HOG: Whether you need piglet supplies or farrowing equipment, sow handling or animal ID products, everything needed to raise your pigs can be found here.

HOUSING: Find all of your animal housing needs here – electric fencing, bedding accessories, ventilation and more.

OTHER LIVESTOCK: Departing from Hogs, Poultry and Bovine, we know other livestock such as Goats, Sheep, Horses and more are just as common. Animal ID, processing, grooming, feeding items and more will be found here.

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