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Our clients can manage their production data with PigKnows, a software that allows them to collect and organize data efficiently. This management tool, entirely available on the web, is easy to use, fast, accessible at all times, and is continually being developed to offer one of the best services on the market. Moreover, a system exclusive to PigKnows allows to automatically computerize the data.

The PigKnows service with PremierSHP includes:

  • Software access for nursery, gestation, and finisher barns

  • The creation and production of personalized monthly reports that are sent by e-mail and accessible at all times in myHealthFile 

  • Analysis of your performances and comparisons with our database (reliability of 90% or higher)

  • Access to the mobile application, with online and offline access through devices such as phones or tablets

  • Technical support and software training

Iris application

This application is designed to facilitate record tracking of your pigs from wean to finish. Iris is accessible by computer, tablet, and cell phone.


This application offers you:

  • Live tracking of your pigs inventory in all your buildings

  • Monitoring of mortality among your farms

  • Notifications to alert you and your veterinarian when certain issues arise 

  • Data entry with or without internet connection

  • Production of reports for your nursery or finisher batches

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The world’s first point-of-care and workforce management platform that equips producers with the necessary tools to enhance communication, organization, and process compliance, resulting in superior operational efficiencies, employee engagement, and pig care.

PigFlow improves barn staff productivity by optimizing breeding herd efficiency and outcomes, to increase pigs weaned per man-hour and drive better margins

In addition, it is compatible and complementary with many systems such as PigKnows and PigCHAMP and is in continuous development.


Discover how PigFlow can make a difference:

  • Labor Efficiencies

  • Employee Onboarding

  • SOP Compliance

  • Task Management

  • Multi-lingual Messaging

  • Stillborns

  • Pre-wean Mortalities

  • Sow Mortalities

  • Prop 12 Compliance

  • PQA & Validus Compliance


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