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QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAMS: We can proceed with the validation of your sites and help you subscribe to the standards of quality assurance programs. Your documents and the various appendices are available and kept on My Health File at all times.

BIOSECURITY: We can help our customers to put in place a biosecurity protocol for their sites and we can supply biosecurity tools to help them to implement it.

TRAINING: PremierSHP is committed in business innovation and excellence which gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a complete and personalized service. Always at your disposal, our team has the mission to contribute to your success by offering training solutions tailored to your needs and increase your company's performances.

PRODUCTION DATA MANAGEMENT: Our customers can manage and organize their production data effectively with the suggested software PigKnows. An exclusive system in PigKnows allows automatic computerizing of hand-written data. We also provide monthly updated reports and benchmarking opportunities, as we believe in the importance of setting goals and regularly analyzing production data.

SLAUGHTERHOUSES: Through the shared experience of the Canadian group, we already work closely with slaughterhouses and have gained experience in terms of standards and specifics throughout the entire pork chain.

FOCUS ON PROFITABILITY: We regularly review the current products used on-farm and provide potential cost saving product alternatives, considering both efficiency and cost.

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