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What sets us apart

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Canadian pork producers in their herd health management by providing innovative solutions with a complete and comprehensive experience, while prioritizing health, animal welfare and financial interests.

Our Group

We are part of Swine Veterinary Services, a group of swine veterinarians that offers a full range of animal health services to Canadian producers from coast to coast. Four veterinary clinics and six pharmacies are established across the country providing professional services in 8 provinces with over 20 veterinarians who share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the animal health industry in Canada.

Our Team

We are a strong and dynamic complementary team (veterinarians, production specialists, agronomists, nutritionists) working together to provide value to our clients on an ongoing basis with optimized on-farm recommendations and actions. 

Our Focus

Our group is a leader in the swine health sector with a focus on research and development programs that allow us to continue to validate health and production protocols in the field. Our approach to health management and the use of our online Atlas platform is unique in veterinary medicine; a real added value for Canadian pork producers.

Celebrating the past
and challenging the future

Our Values


We are committed to continually advancing our practices, embracing cutting-edge technologies and research to provide the best care for swine health. We actively seek new solutions to improve animal health and production efficiency.

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