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Research &

COLLABORATION: Through our collaboration with HyLife LTD, Demeter,  Precision Vet, and Groupe Ceres, we have access to research facilities. Over 500 R&D projects have been done and completed since 2005.


PARTNERS: Various partners, suppliers, Universities, research centers and other stakeholders are involved in our R&D projects.


AREAS OF FOCUS: New ideas, programs, concepts or new products are evaluated in our R&D program before implementation. Our projects are focused on all aspects of the swine production; health, management and equipment, nutrition, genetics, carcass characteristics and meat quality.


MAIN GOAL: With our research, we focus on return on investment of interventions. Results can have a significant impact on production cost and profitability.


BENEFIT FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: We share our trials results with our customers via our newsletter, producer meetings and individual training. You have access to the practical and scientific knowledge acquired by numerous Research and Development projects that our partners share with us. Furthermore, our recommendations, protocols and medication programs are always validated in the field.

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