More than you think

Premier Veterinary Corporation deploys a global service offer for Canadian pork producers. All of our divisions and partners allow us to support them in all aspects of their farms. 

Our team is made up of multiple specialists who can meet all your needs: veterinary care, nutrition, preventive medicine, sale of farm equipment and livestock equipment, performance data management, quality assurance programs, and more.


Find everything you need within a competent and complete team that supports producers in improving the performance and profitability of their business.

Our Services

We provide innovative solutions with a complete and comprehensive experience at the veterinary service level, while prioritizing health, animal welfare and financial interests.




In addition to the health monitoring and preventive medicine programs, we offer a complete range of services such as data management, quality assurance programs, management protocols, and more.

Research &


Our team works on many R&D projects to improve health, management, and animal nutrition. Our recommendations are always validated in the field.

My Health File


Lab results, vet reports, meds prescriptions and more, filed and accessible 24/7. My Health File offers a lot of tools to improve on-farm work: dose calculator, care protocols, and more.



We offer a complete range of diagnostic analyses meeting the needs of swine production at the Demeter laboratory by a professionally trained and experienced team.



Wide selection of herd meds, vaccines, feed meds and essentials, available for pick up at our 2 locations, your local depot or for delivery options.



We inventory and sell all types of farm supplies, including farm apparel, footwear and gear, tools and hardware, household products, animal medications and nutraceuticals.