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Canadian Pork Excellence

National Platform

Canadian Pork Excellence (CPE) is the national platform that covers three major components of on-farm programs: Traceability, Food Safety and Animal Care. It is governed by the Canadian Pork Council and requires verification by a certified local validator. ​

Those on-farm programs continue to reflect the remarkable work of producers and meet the domestic and global consumer demand. They also increase public trust and industry sustainability.

PigTRACE is an industry-led, live animal traceability initiative designed to ensure protection, prosperity and peace of mind for the Canadian pork industry and its customers.

PigSAFE (PS) provides a mechanism for producers to demonstrate their implementation of sound production practices that promote safe food production. Based on the same Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) model used in the CQA program, it also retains biosecurity elements developed by the Canadian Swine Health Board in 2011.

PigCARE (PC) makes proof of the actions taken by producers to provide the best care and high welfare for their animals. This program reflects the requirements of the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs and demonstrates the commitment of producers to the welfare of their animals.

Benefits of our PS|PC Validation Service
  • Follow-up of your file throughout the 3-year cycle (deadlines, corrective action requests)

  • Full and partial validation services

  • Support in the preparation of the various documents required for validations

  • All necessary records and standard operating procedures, grouped by type of production

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